Multi-Agency, Strength and Asset-Focused Learning Information Network Centre

People & communities with assets not problems to be fixed!

Our aim is to build, promote and embed strengths-based approaches on a cross sector basis – to improve personal, family and community outcomes of people involved with a range of public and 3rd sector services.

Workforce strengths and wellbeing

We also believe that strength-based approaches must be applied simultaneously to our workforces to embed a strengths-based culture and to promote and safeguard the wellbeing of staff at all levels.  This in turn will improve recruitment and retention of staff whilst ensuring that people who come into contact with services have a more realistic chance of achieving the best possible outcome (where possible outside of services) at the lowest possible costs - a hugely important factor also for struggling public and third sectors

Our approach 

We believe in the uniqueness of individuals and that everyone has something to offer.  We want to help create the links, develop the skills and act as a conduit for shared practice. The approach starts by looking at what is already working regardless of whether that situation applies to a person, family, an organisation or a community.

The evidence base (see our library of resources) demonstrates the way different services have traditionally worked together does not achieve sustainable outcomes for individuals, families and communities and is not financially viable. Our cross-sector experience has shown that staff working in a variety of settings consistently struggle with delivering strengths-based approaches.  We believe this is due to:

  • Challenges with navigating from policy to practice i.e. they have some understanding and agree with strengths-based rhetoric but lack confidence and skills sets to deliver.
  • Challenges with working successfully on a multi-agency level with individuals, families and communities.
  • Challenges with accessing good practice of working in a strength-based way.
  • Challenges with how to create or identify opportunities within communities they work in to promote wellbeing and what matters to people.

Our Motivated Team

Hugh Irwin

Public and Third Sector
Change Consultant

Sian Erickson

Family and Community Nursing Specialist

Mike Day

Mike Day
Technical Associate

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Our events are multi-agency where we bring together different sectors and like-minded professionals who want to develop and progress strength based working practices

The Linc is a centre of virtual learning & information sharing. It includes:
• Interactive Website
• Library of resources
• Good practice stories
• Webinars
• Blogs
• Discussion forums
• Information about relevant events
• Tools

We believe strength-based practices benefit all and are the most respectful and productive way of engaging individuals and organisations; we aim to promote, build and embed a strength-based approach across a variety of sectors.