Examples of some of the training and learning opportunities we offer include:

 An Introduction to SIB – 1 day

 Who for?

Frontline staff and managers in housing associations, supported housing projects, homelessness projects, social work teams, health visitor teams, Probation, GPs.

 Will cover

  • Deficit thinking/practice and its impact
  • Strengths-based thinking and its impact
  • Video testimonies of people that have experienced both deficits & strengths-based approaches (staff and people that use services)
  • Strengths-based approaches for individuals
  • Strengths-based approaches for families
  • Strengths-based approaches for communities
  • Moving from independence to healthy interdependence
  • The importance of purpose and relationships
  • Moving from thinking to practice – tools

 Training outcomes will include

  • Understanding the impact of working in a strengths-based capacity
  • Awareness of tools to use to help strengths-based practice
  • Understanding how purpose and relationships are key to wellbeing
  • Awareness of how to encourage a better life away from services
  • Understanding of the principles of nurturing and resiliance.
  • Basic understanding of Appreciative Inquiry


Strengths-based strategic collaboration – 1/2 day (local network)

Who for?

Executive, senior and middle managers in housing associations, supported housing projects, homelessness projects, social work teams, health visitor teams, Probation, GPs.

There is an assumption made that participants will have a basic understanding of and commitment to strengths-based practice and decision making before joining the course.

Will cover

  • New and emerging policy and legislation in relation to strengths-based approaches
  • How different organisations interpret strengths-based practice
  • Exploring different organisational remits/parameters – how these complement/hinder joint approaches
  • Identification of ‘shared multi-sector spaces’
  • Application of Appreciative Inquiry on a multi-sector basis
  • Sharing risks and rewards
  • Importance of establishing a strengths-based leadership network

 Workshop outcomes

  • Establishment of a strengths-based management network
  • Produce models of good practice
  • Understanding how to use creative tools/thinking to find ‘shared multi-sector spaces’
  • Knowledge and confidence in improving consensus building and better engagement


AI Summit Event 1-4 days

 Who for?

Strategic event for Boards, senior staff and stakeholders of organisations that want to refresh their Mission, Vision and Values and get clear on their strategy.  Working on the passions of those involved, defining what the organisation is really for and where it is headed.


Optimises stakeholder participation

accelerates planning, decision making and innovation

Builds partnerships and trust

Creates momentum for a new organisation or initiative


Practical Appreciative Coaching – 1 day

Who for?

Front line staff delivering services to service users; managers of staff.

Will cover:

  • Coaching using the AI model
  • How to make coaching work
  • Finding the coachee’s unique resources
  • Interview skills and tips
  • Asking questions
  • building future solutions
  • Generating options
  • making it happen

Outcomes will include

  • How to use the AI model
  • Practical tool to coach service users / staff
  • Confidence to put it into practice straight away